Euro Tank Amsterdam BV

Euro Tank Amsterdam B.V. has its terminal in the Port of Amsterdam. At the site there are over 210 steel tanks with a total capacity of over 1.3 million cubic meters. The tanks are used for storing gasoline, gasoil, diesel and kerosene. Also available on-site are facilities for blending these commodities. Products are shipped to Europe & Africa, Asia & Middle East, China & North Asia, Americas and LNG.

The Euro Tank Amsterdam terminal has several jetties for large seagoing vessels and barges. The site is well-connected to the road and railways networks. Euro Tank Amsterdam an international tank storage company.


Euro Tank Amsterdam BV is an international storage company providing logistics solutions. Handling the entire logistics chain for its customers, the company has major storage facilities sited strategically at six locations in the Netherlands, two in the UK and one in Poland. With a total capacity over 3,500,000 cubic metres, its facilities allow the handling of a highly diversified base of products, including edible and vegetable oils, base oils, oleochemicals, chemicals, biodiesel, liquid agricultural products, fuel oil, middle distillates and gasoline.

Emergency situations
In case of emergency you have to act fast. At Euro Tank Amsterdam BV we are ready to go, always!
Just as our crews are trained and tested for emergency situations, our vessels are equipped with firefighting and oil spill response equipment.

Sufficient height and outreach

Most of our vessels are fitted with Fire-Fighting Class 1-systems (Fi-Fi). These powerful water monitors can discharge up to 2400 m³ of water per hour to support the firefighting or provide cooling and create safe zones on or near the installation or a tanker. Our systems can use a mixture of water and foam and have sufficient height and outreach to make water curtains and safety corridors

Euro Tank Amsterdam BV ships liquids in its fleet of 12 hi-tech barges and three coasters. Two modern tanker trucks handle transport by road. Some locations also provide railway terminals for loading and unloading oils and fats. Koole is a strong and reliable partner for transportation.